Robinson Crusoe - 3

Robinson Crusoe - 3


The storm and the shipwreck


  I stayed in Brazil and worked hard for some years. By then I was rich…but also bored. One day some friends came to me and said,'We're going to Africa to do business. Why don't you come with us?We'll all be rich after this journey!'

  How stupid I was!I had an easy,comfortable life in Brazil,but,of course,I agreed. And so,in 1659,I went to sea again.

  At first,all went well,but then there was a terrible storm. For twelve days the wind and the rain didn't stop. We lost three men in the sea,and soon the ship had holes in its sides. 'We're all going to die this time,'I said to myself. Then one morning one of the sailors saw land,but the next minute our ship hit some sand just under the sea. The ship could not move and we were really in danger now. The sea was trying to break the ship into pieces,and we had very little time. Quickly,we put a boat into the sea and got off the ship. But the sea was very rough and our little boat could not live for long in that wild water.

  Half an hour later the angry sea turned our boat over and we were all in the water. I looked round for my friends,but I could see nobody. I was alone.

  That day I was lucky,and the sea carried me to the shore. I could not see the land,only mountains of water all around me. Then,suddenly,I felt the ground under my feet. Another mountain of water came,pushed me up the beach,and I fell on the wet sand.

  At first I was very thankful to be alive. Slowly,I got to my feet and went higher up the shore. From there,I looked out to sea. I could see our ship,but it was wrecked and there was no-body near it. There was nobody in the water. All my friends were dead. I was alive,but in a strange wild country,with no food,no water,and no gun.

  It was dark now and I was tired. I was afraid to sleep on the shore. Perhaps there were wild animals there. So I went up into a tree and I stayed there all night.


3 风暴与海难