Episode 1: 46 Linden Street - Act One - Story

Episode 1: 46 Linden Street - Act One - Story
Family Album, U.S.A.
On a ferryboat in New York Harbor. We can see the Statue of Liberty. Richard Stewart, 30, is taking pictures.
RICHARD: Excuse me. My name is Richard Stewart. I'm a photographer. May I take a picture of you and your little boy?
MRS. VANN: What's it for?
RICHARD: It's for a book.
MRS. VANN: You're writing a book?
RICHARD: It's a book of pictures. I call it Family Album, U.S.A.
MRS. VANN: Oh, that's a nice idea. Well, it's fine if you take our picture. I'm Martha Vann. [She offers her hand.]
RICHARD: Thank you. I appreciate your help. [to the little boy] I'm Richard. What's your name?