Episode 1: 46 Linden Street - Act Two - Story

Episode 1: 46 Linden Street - Act Two - Story
Family Album, U.S.A.
Outside the ferry building. Alexandra sees Richard leave in a taxicab. She asks a policeman for directions.
ALEXANDRA: Excuse me, officer. Can you help me?
ALEXANDRA: Can you tell me how to get to Linden Street, in Riverdale?
POLICEMAN: [He reads the name tag on Richard's bag.] "Richard Stewart, 46 Linden Street, Riverdale, New York." You should take the number 1 subway.
ALEXANDRA: Is there a station near here?
POLICEMAN: Yes. The station's that way. You should take the number 1 train to Van Cortlandt Park.
ALEXANDRA: Number 1 train to Van Cortlandt Park. Thank you.
POLICEMAN: Anytime. Good luck. Remember, the number 1 train. The uptown platform.
ALEXANDRA: Thank you.
POLICEMAN: You're welcome. [Alexandra walks toward the subway entrance. She passes the "uptown" sign.]
In a boutique, Marilyn Stewart, Richard's wife, is helping a customer.
CUSTOMER: Is this pink too bright for me?
MARILYN: Mmm-hmm. It is a very bright pink. Try this. [She takes a red sweater from a table.] It's size eight.
CUSTOMER: But I wear size ten.
MARILYN: How about green? It's size ten.
CUSTOMER: Let me try it on. [Marilyn looks at her watch.]
CUSTOMER: I'm taking too much of your time.
MARILYN: It's six o'clock. Where's my husband? I was expecting him here at five forty-five.
CUSTOMER: Don't worry. The traffic is very heavy at this hour.
MARILYN: I know. But we're going to be late for dinner.
CUSTOMER: I'll take this green sweater. I like the color on me, don't you?
MARILYN: I think it looks terrific on you.
A little later, Richard rushes into the boutique.
RICHARD: I'm sorry I'm so late. I had a really bad day.
MARILYN: It's ten after six. We're late. Robbie's cooking tonight, and dinner's at six thirty.
RICHARD: I know. I know. I'm really sorry. I left my bag of film on the ferry. I went back for it, but the ferry was gone. I lost a whole day's work.
MARILYN: I'll call the Staten Island Ferry lost-and-found office.
RICHARD: I didn't think of that. Thanks.
MARILYN: [She picks up the telephone and dials the number for information.] Hello. Yes. The numbers, please, of the Staten Island Ferry lost-and-found office. 555-0808. Thank you. [She hangs up and dials the number.]
RICHARD: I really appreciate it, Marilyn.
MARILYN: Hello. Did anyone find a camera bag this afternoon, a small canvas bag, on the J. F. Kennedy Ferry? ... No? Maybe someone will find it. The name is Stewart, Richard Stewart. And the telephone number is 555-3090. Thank you. [She hangs up.] Sorry, Richard. They don't have it.
RICHARD: Thanks, anyway. [thinking] There was a girl on the ferry. Now maybe ... 
MARILYN: Tell me about it on the way home.